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Gainesville, FL Initiative

Improving the Quality of Life in Alachua County

We are only as strong as our weakest family in our community. Wellness Pathways for Gainesville is a student-led initiative seeking to help strengthen the socioeconomic status and health of the community through networking/case management.

What's the issue/context?

Gainesville, FL has over 50 different teams working to provide the free resources that our community needs. However, not enough residents know about these programs available to them/have the ability to access them. Seeking help is at the bottom (or maybe not even part) of the priority list when folks are just trying to get by with what they already have. The current state of the world has most people trying to merely make it day by day, moment by moment.

Image by Emma Simpson

What are you doing to help?

We’ll measure the quality of life and their overall improvement for 60 families in Alachua County over the course of three months. We will meet with each family once a week for 15 minutes to see how they’re doing and make goals for the following week. At the end of 13 weeks, families will be more independent/resilient and able to access resources within the community. If you need help right now, please access our document of free resources here.

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How will you measure success and how is this project sustainable?

Every week, a quality of life measurement will be done (using THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION QUALITY OF LIFE (WHOQOL) -BREF) and an action plan will be in place every week to improve the measurements. An improvement of 25% will be considered a success, anything else will not be considered as such. Faculty professors will be ready to help us re-evaluate our program and create improvements to reach our goals. Additionally, we intend to apply for more grants and funding to continue supporting this project and our Alachua County community.

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Financial Transparency

We signed up for a microgrant but a different project ended up being chosen for the grant. We haven't received any funds, but when we do that information will be here and clear. At the moment, we're able to provide mutual aid in the form of networking and case management. If you're interested in donating or have any skills you'd like to share with the team please reach out to us. Additionally, if you need help, please reach out as well.

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